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When a global pandemic hits the UK, Capital Post Journalist, Stig Fisher finds himself being silenced by his editor for questioning the British prime minister about the validity of sweeping new powers that will put the population under house arrest. To stop him uncovering a scandal of historic proportions, Stig Fisher is sent to the Democrats convention in Chicago and instructed to do a magazine piece on a ‘Nut in a Hut’ who runs a pagan community in the hills of Michigan. Things take a dark turn when he gets back to London. A family tragedy thrusts him on to a collision course with his bosses and into a world of espionage and danger. Stig’s principled stance for justice and freedom may just cost him everything he set out to protect.

The book opens with a wealthy Estate Agent in a drunken fit of melancholy after hearing about the death of an old friend. At the subsequent funeral, he convinces his old Mod gang to re-live the riotous days of the early ‘80s, in a Scooter powered adventure to Brighton. All four escape to the south coast but for very different reasons.

What happens to redemption in a future determined by those who trawl through the dustbins of your past.
School teacher, George Gascoigne’s life unravels when a dark secret is uncovered and threatens to damage reputations, relationships and destroy his new life in the country.